In early 2017 Marapharm Ventures Inc. “Marapharm” announced that their subsidiary, Marapharm Washington, LLC “Marapharm WA” entered into an agreement to purchase 13.6 acres of industrial land and buildings located in Washington State. The 13.6 acres is appropriately zoned for Washington States I-502 marijuana cultivation and processing requirements. There are currently multiple buildings on the property, including the 30,000 square foot building with a tier 3 i-502 marijuana cultivation and processing licensed tenant, a 9,190 square building which would be renovated as the facilities processing center, a 7,200 square foot mechanic shop, a 2208 square foot office building and large sheds.

Marapharm WA plans to develop the property for cultivation, processing and research purposes, with the intention of creating a Cannabis Campus. We will continue to renovate the buildings which are presently in use, as well as, develop and build new structures as required. Cannabis has been a boon to the Washington State economy, with over a billion in sales since 2014.