Corporate Overview

Marapharm Ventures Inc. has a market-leading plan established for the emerging medical and adult-use cannabis industry. In 2016 the North American Cannabis Market was valued at 6.7 Billion, by 2021 the market is expected to breach 20 Billion. Marapharm Venture Inc. is remaining diversified, with investments and developments in Nevada, Washington, California and Canada.

Marapharm Ventures Inc. is listed on stock exchanges in Canada, Europe and the United States. Management’s view is that these listings could provide worldwide expansion opportunities and corporate exposure which in turn could diversify and broaden our shareholder base.


Stock Exchanges

Canadian Securities Exchange “CSE” website:
MDM-Marapharm Ventures Inc. Ticker symbol: MDM

Nasdaq – OTCQX markets “OTCQX” website:
MRPHF-Marapharm Ventures Inc. Ticker symbol: MRPHF

Frankfurt Stock Exchange “FSE” website:
2M0-Marapharm Ventures Inc. Ticker symbol: 2M0

Stuttgart Stock Exchange “SSE” website:
2M0-Marapharm Ventures Inc. Ticker symbol: 2M0


Share Structure

Date: May 5, 2018

Issued and Outstanding Share Capital: 112,606,251

Reserved for Issuance: 13,229,169

Warrants: 7,074,097

Stock Options Outstanding: 6,155,072

Tradeable Warrants: 43,749,053

Fully Diluted Share Capital: 169,584,473


Shareholders Annual General Meeting

The Shareholders Annual General Meeting was held on Friday November 17th, 2017.


Investor Relations

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