Thank you to all who attended our open house ~ We received 249 responses to our invitation, additional guests attended throughout the evening!

“Great event!”

Guests met at the Blind Pig Restaurant (downtown Las Vegas) where they were transported by private bus to our facility in North Las Vegas. The site was clearly visible as guests approached as staff had marked out the vast footprint of the future buildings with searchlights into the night sky.

“You guys did a hell of a job tonight.”

 Upon arrival each guest was welcomed by our hospitality team who quickly discovered that we were joined by visitors from as far away as Germany, Switzerland, England and Spain; as well as various states such as Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Minnesota, Ohio, Washington, Florida, New York, New Jersey, California, and of course the Canadians!

“It was sincerely an amazing event & the best part is the group of people who make up the Marapharm Team!!”

Guests enjoyed food by an award-winning food truck the Dragon Grille and were treated to beverages served by the bartending staff of LG Entertainment.

“Great food and great to meet the Marapharm Team.”

Inside one of the future cultivation buildings, live music was played by Austin Ellis who entertained the crowed with his diverse genre and engaging personality. The Marapharm Team addressed the crowd who were seated around wine barrel candle lit tables. Throughout the evening team members covered topics that included milestones achieved thus far, future plans, cultivation methods and the exciting role that Marapharm will play in the future of cannabis.

Fun was had by everyone who participated in the draws for silver state coins and hockey tickets to the Las Vegas Golden Warriors. T-shirts, and ballcaps were shared with many, of which the crowd enthusiastically wore throughout the evening.

“Thanks for all your hard work… you are a great TEAM…event was well done!”

 Outside, groups of investors, shareholders and industry leaders mingled around fire pits and picnic tables engaging in conversations and developing relationships and synergies.

“The Marapharm team has confirmed what I was hoping for and that is an incredible diverse group of incredible people all working collectively together towards a common goal of maximizing shareholder value for Marapharm. I sincerely do believe I have found a great fit for years to come!!”

 As the evening concluded many lingered long after the last bus safely transported guests back to the city.

“We both left with the feeling that we are part of something very, very big. We also left with the sense that you and your team worked very hard to put together an event that allowed investors to see the site, hear from the key players and engage with other fellow investors.”



Chairperson: Linda Sampson
Scrutineer: Nicolette Keith
Meeting Secretary: Desmond Balakrishnan (McMillan LLP)

The meeting was attended by a small group of management and shareholders. All motions that were proposed in the Information Circular were approved and the existing Board was re-elected.

Linda Sampson, CEO
Corey Klassen, CFO
Yari Nieken, Director

A general discussion followed regarding the milestones that have been achieved by the company since its inception two and a half years ago.

Las Vegas Marijuana Business Conference – MJBizCon
This year’s MJ Business Conference took place in Nevada just months after the state launched a recreational industry and only six weeks before California begins regulating adult-use and medical marijuana markets – further reminders of how quickly the cannabis trade at large is growing. The event attracted more than 18,000 cannabis professionals to the Las Vegas Convention Center, a record for the event and the marijuana industry.

The show featured panels of experts discussing topics from cultivation to business insights regarding one of the newest and hottest cannabis markets in the world, Canada, which is poised to legalize recreational cannabis at the national level next year.

Marapharm had nine attendees at this year’s conference validating a strong presence and bridging new relationships in the industry. Next year Marapharm will capitalize the company with an exhibit at the conference to showcase its unique growing methods and products!

With great appreciation, we thank the following in no particular order…

Councilman Isaac E. Barron, City of North Las Vegas, Councilwoman Pamela A. Goynes-Brown, City of North Las Vegas, Linda Sampson, Brian Lovig, Corey Klassen, Yari Nieken, Rene Wolfe, Brad Sampson, Kurt Keating, Maria Thomas, Lee Chillog, Stefan Ludwig, Nicolette Keith, Jason Schuck, Ron & Cindy Cannan, Rick Purdy, Richard Gallegos, Christy Lovig, Roberta Gitzan, Desmond Balakrishnan, David Greenway, Lance Torres, Rafael Construction, Austin Ellis, LG Entertainment, Dragon Grille, Groft’s Searchlight , LX Shuttle Service, Reliance Security, Blairs, A Company Inc., The Blind Pig, CocoTaps, MJ Business Conference