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Statistics – Medical Marijuana Canada

Health Canada states that there are 40,000 registered medical marijuana patients. In a separate Government of Canada survey on drug and alcohol use, of all those questioned on the use of marijuana, 420,000 admitted that they use marijuana for a medical reason. 
At 1 ounce per month average cost $200 per ounce, this amounts to $84 million per year!

Statistics – Recreational Marijuana Canada

12.2% of Canadians use marijuana. The Canadian population is 35,154,300. There are 4,288,824 marijuana users in Canada.

Statistics – Medical Marijuana United States

Estimated 2,434,192 patients use medical marijuana in the U.S. Calculated at a possible $200 per month patient use: $ 5.8 Billion US.

Statistics – Recreational Marijuana United States

19.8 million users in the U.S. in the past month ( An article in the Washington Post quotes a report by Greenwave Advisors estimating, if legalized, the U.S. marijuana industry could be worth $35 Billion by 2020. To put that into perspective: The NFL is worth $10 Billion. The whole U.S. confectionary market is worth $34 Billion.

Statistics – Recreational Marijuana Worldwide

There are an estimated 180.6 million marijuana users worldwide. The worldwide black market is estimated at $141.80 Billion.

Statistics - Opinions

In Canada 66% of those polled feel marijuana should be legalized and taxed
In the U.S. 88% of those polled feel Medical Marijuana should be legal, 58% support legalization and taxation.

For an interesting list of supporters go to Marijuana Majority


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