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April 20, 2015 National Cannabis Chamber of Commerce

CNN's chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta is back at it. The cable network's top doc will debut his third documentary on medical marijuana, Weed 3: The Marijuana Revolution, on Sunday a.k.a. 4/20 Eve.

And while Gupta has taken bold stances on the legitimacy of medical marijuana before, he's about to go all in, according to an article posted today on CNN under the headline Dr. Sanjay Gupta: It's time for a medical marijuana revolution.

In the piece, Gupta struggles with his own professional journalistic distance and objectivity but ultimately comes out with his boldest declaration on medical pot yet.

Journalists shouldn't take a position. It makes sense. Objectivity is king. But, at some point, open questions do get answered. At some point, contentious issues do get resolved. At some point, common sense prevails.

So, here it is: We should legalize medical marijuana. We should do it nationally. And, we should do it now.

For any legitimate mainstream doctor to make such a declaration is monumental. Remember: Marijuana has made huge gains. As Gupta notes in today's story: For the first time a majority, 53%, favor its legalization, with 77% supporting it for medical purposes. But you still don't see mainstream medical professionals recommending marijuana as medicine all that often. They still steer clear of the issue when speaking on the record. They talk, quite correctly, about our lack of research and understanding when it comes to this mysterious weed.

Yet here's Gupta's predicting a revolution and demanding change, so more children and adults can have access to this alternative medicine he believes in so strongly.

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